9 - 12. 9. 2012. 7. скуп Математичка Физика на Институту за физику у Београду


Institute of Physics, Belgrade (Serbia) and Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade (Serbia) are organizing the 7th MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS MEETING: Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics. The Meeting will be held 9 - 19 September 2012 in the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia. September 9 is arrival and September 19 is departure day. Information about the previous meetings can be found here.


The Meeting's programme is mainly oriented towards some recent developments in Cosmology, Gravity, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics, Superstring/M-Theory, and Related Mathematical Tools. The topics are:

  • Classical, Quantum and Nonlocal Cosmology
  • Classical, Quantum and Modified Gravity
  • Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy
  • Conformal and Topological Field Theory
  • Lie Theory and Symmetries in Physics
  • Strings, Branes and String/M-Theory
  • String Field Theory and p-Adic Strings
  • Noncommutative Quantum Models
  • Nonperturbative Approaches
  • p-Adic Mathematical Physics
  • Exact Integrable Models
  • Mathematical Tools