21. 7. 2014. Колоквијум: Дејан Стојковић


У среду, 23. јула 2014. године у 13:00 часова у сали Звонко Марић Института за физику у Београду одржаће предавање

Проф. др Дејан Стојковић
Државни Универзитет Њујорка у Бафалу (SUNY at Buffalo)


The recently formulated "Firewall Paradox" argues that our current understanding of black hole physics is inconsistent and has to be radically changed. We critically examine the assumptions made in the setup of the paradox. We point out several flaws which indicate that the paradox itself is not formulated in a self-consistent way. In particular, during black hole evaporation, a mode of the late radiation is never simultaneously entangled with early radiation and a mode inside the horizon. We then go a step forward and show that perturbative and non-perturbative interactions which generally modify the thermal density matrix of the Hawking radiation could unitarize the evolution of the black hole. There is no need for a non-standard physics whatsoever.