25. 10. 2013. Семинар: Carlo Nicola Colacuno





У петак 22. октобра 2013. године у 11 часова у сали 360 Института за физику у Београду одржаће семинар:

Carlo Nicola Colacuno

The Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background (SGWB): Theory and  detection issues


The SGWB is the most elusive and most mysterious source of  gravitational radiation. There is an astrophysical component, due to a  superposition in frequency of a number of unresolved binary systems  ("foreground") and there is the real background, of cosmological  origin, generated by processes which took place when the Universe was  less than a picosecond old. Its detection could mark a real turning  point in cosmology -far more profound that that given by the discovery  of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), generated at  photon decoupling, t= 400000 years- and quantum gravity, therefore the  SGWB has been also called "the Rosetta Stone" of cosmology. Since it  is characterised only by its statistical properties, it is  undistinguishable in principle from noise, making its detection a very  hard task. I will talk about sources and also about detection and data- analysis strategies. I will also touch upon some quantum optics issues  that have become hot topics in interferometric gravitational-wave  detection and whose theoretical developments could give us some  interesting hints about the tormented relationship between General  Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.