27. 6. 2013. Семинар: Чедомир Петровић


У четвртак 27. јуна 2013. године у 12 часова у читаоници библиотеке Института за физику у Београду одржаће се семинар у организацији Центра за физику чврстог стања и нове материјале:

др Чедомир Петровић
Condensed Matter Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Heavy Fermions and Electronic Correlations in FeSb2 

Heavy fermion semiconductors have been attracting considerable interest in the past several decades whereas new materials have been the driving force in the field [1-4]. One of the main points of interest has been the mechanism of the gap and its proximity to magnetic ground states, i.e. the possibility that semiconducting gap is driven by or related to magnetic interactions [5-7]. In this talk I will discuss heavy fermions and electronic correlations in FeSb2 [8-9], a
correlated electron semiconductor similar to FeSi [10]. I will address the similarities and differences with Kondo Insulators [11] as well as structural and thermoelectric properties of crystals with and without Metal-Insulator transition [12].