24. 8. 2012. Seminar: Žarko Gačević


Friday 24 August 2012 12PM
IPB Library

Dr Žarko Gačević
Assistant Professor
Technical University of Madrid

Употреба епитаксијалних техника за реазлизацију III-нитридних направа са резонантном шупљином: диоде, ласери и поларитонски ласери

In semiconductor microcavities light is confined by high reflectivity distributed Bragg reflectors whereas matter is confined by quantum wells or dots. By proper tuning, the light and matter can be made to interact with one another, forming quasi-particles known as polaritons. The properties of microcavities are exploited for realization of high spectral purity light emitting devices (resonant cavity LEDs and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers) as well as nearly zero-threshold polariton lasers. This talk will be focused on epitaxial fabrication of III-Nitride microcavities for applications in the violet/blue spectral range.