4. 9. 2012. Colloquium: Sadhan K. Adhikari


Tuesday 4 September 1PM
Room Zvonko Marić

"Bose/Einstein condensation with dipolar atoms"
dr Sadhan K. Adhikari
Institute of THeoretical Physics
Sao Paulo State University
Sao Paulo, Brazil

First experiments of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) were performed with alkali metal atoms (H, Na, K, Rb etc) with negligible dipolar moment, where the atomic interaction in very dilute matter can be approximated by an s-wave isotropic short-range interaction. This study has later been extended to the dipolar atoms  (Cr, Dy, Er etc) with strong anisotropic long-range dipolar  interaction. Because of this anisotropic interaction, dipolar BEC has many peculiar properties, such as the formation of solitons with repulsive atomic interaction, anisotropic propagation of sound, anisotropic Landau critical velocity, etc. In this talk we shall describe some of these properties of dipolar BEC.