9 - 12. 9. 2012. 7th Mathematical Physics Meeting at IPB


The Institute of Physics Belgrade and the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade co-organize the 7th MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS MEETING: Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics. The Meeting will be held 9 - 19 September 2012 at IPB. Information about the previous meetings can be found here.


The Meeting targets recent developments in Cosmology, Gravity, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics, and Superstring/M-Theory. The principle topics are:

  • Classical, Quantum and Nonlocal Cosmology
  • Classical, Quantum and Modified Gravity
  • Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy
  • Conformal and Topological Field Theory
  • Lie Theory and Symmetries in Physics
  • Strings, Branes and String/M-Theory
  • String Field Theory and p-Adic Strings
  • Noncommutative Quantum Models
  • Nonperturbative Approaches
  • p-Adic Mathematical Physics
  • Exact Integrable Models
  • Mathematical Tools