Dr. Magdalena Đorđević - ERC grant


IPB researcher Dr. Magdalena Djordjevic will be one of this year’s recipients of the European Research Council’s consolidator grant. This is the most prestigious grant awarded by the European Commission and it is bestowed upon scientists that have realized exceptional results and that are expected to be the leaders of future groundbreaking research.
The ERC grant represents a great success of our colleague, of the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB), as well as of Serbia's whole research sector. Dr. Djordjevic is only the second recipient of the ERC grant from Serbia.
Dr. Magdalena Djordjevic is an excellent example that shows how brain drain can be changed into two way researcher mobility, how the capacities of the research and innovation sectors of other countries can best be utilized as our own key developmental resources.
To succeed in this one need exceptional individuals, like Dr. Djordjevic, as well as strong and globaly competitive domestic institutions ready to serve as hubs of this reintegration. IPB has been working for more than a decade on becoming one such focal point for building strong ties with our diaspora. The institution sees this as one the key avenues towards building exceptional science and increased social relevance.