IPB colloquium

IPB colloquium


Friday 3 July 2015 at 12:00

Room "Zvonko Maric", Institute of Physics Belgrade, Pregrevica 118



Prof. Dr. Milorad Milosevic

Department of Physics, University of Antwerp


In this talk, we will review the basics of superconductivity, textbook theory of superconductivity, and classification of superconductors based on their magnetic properties and vortical states. In the light of experimental data on newly discovered materials (particularly multiband/gap metal borides, iron chalcogenides and pnictides), but also some old and forgotten ones, we will argue that standard Ginzburg-Landau classification should be revised. Moreover, we will explain the theoretical framework in which this can be done analytically, and show that the missing class of superconductors is far more important than people choose to believe.