31. 3. 2014. Seminar: Veljko Milutinović


Monday, 31 March 2014 at 1:15PM
IPB Library

Prof Veljko Milutinović
School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

DataFlow SuperComputing

This presentation analyses the essence of DataFlow SuperComputing, defines its advantages and sheds light on the related programming model. DataFlow computers, compared to ControlFlow computers, offer speedups of 20 to 200 (even 2000 for some applications), power reductions of about 20, and size reductions of also about 20. However, the programming paradigm is different. The talk explains the paradigm, using Maxeler as an example (Maxeler is 20% owned by JPMorgan), and sheds light on the ongoing research in the field. Examples include GeoPhysics, CivilEngineering, DataMining, etc.