28. 3. 2014. Seminar: Milan Vujinović


Friday, 28 March 2014 at 2 PM
IPB Library

Milan Vujinović
University of Graz

Green’s functions in quantum chromodynamics: A Dyson-Schwinger equation approach to the three-gluon vertex


At low energies the running coupling of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) becomes strong enough to invalidate the use of perturbation theory. One thus needs genuinely non-perturbative tools to study phenomena related to hadrons as bound states of QCD. In this talk we will present the Dyson-Schwinger equations (DSEs) as a possible tool to study hadron phenomenology. As equations of motion for Green’s functions, DSEs give a continuous, non-perturbative formulation of any quantum field theory. We will concentrate on Green’s functions of QCD which are of particular importance for hadron phenomenology. As a first step in our calculations, we will evaluate the three-gluon vertex using a truncated, Bose-symmetrised version of its DSE. We will discuss our results for these Green’s functions and talk about possible applications, which include both fundamental and phenomenological investigations.