6. 3. 2014. Seminar: Nikola Stojanović


Thursday, March 6 2014 at 2PM
IPB Library

Dr Nikola Stojanović
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg, Germany

Two color pump probe experiments at 4th generation X-ray light sources


In this talk an overview of photon science at 4th generation X-ray light sources will be presented. Presently two facilities, FLASH in Hamburg/Germany [1] and LCLS at Stanford/USA [2] are in operation and have opened new scientific possibilities reaching from ultrafast science to peak power experiments. The advantage of these large-scale facilities lies in their broad spectral range from the soft to hard X-ray regime, their tunability and the opportunity to generate ultra short pulses in the few 10 to few femtosecond regime. The facility at FLASH furthermore allows to generate intense pulses from the visible to the THz spectral range that are furthermore timed up to the X-ray pulses on a few femtosecond timescale [3].

The opportunities of 4th generation X-ray light-sources on the example of FLASH in Hamburg with a particular emphasis in the topic of 2 color pump probe experiments will be discussed.


[1] Ackermann, W. et al. Operation of a free-electron laser from the extreme ultraviolet to the water window. Nature Photon. 1, 336–342 (2007)
[2] Emma, P. et al. First lasing and operation of an angstrom wavelength free-electron laser. Nature Photon. 4, 641–647, (2010).
[3] F. Tavella, N. Stojanovic, G. Geloni, M. Gensch, Few Femtosecond Timing at Fourth Generation X-ray lightsources, Nat. Photon. 5 (2011), 162.