7. 10. 2013. Seminar: Marina Marinković


Monday 7 October 2013 at 12PM

IPB Library
Seminar organized by Scientific Computing Laboratory

Marina Marinković
University of Southampton, UK

Computation of the strong coupling in N_f =4 quantum chromodynamics


Lattice discretisation and numerical simulations are well established tools for the computation of input parameters of perturbative QCD in terms of low energy hadronic observables. Using the Schroedinger functional strategy for these computations enables us to overcome the multi-scale problem in QCD and keep full control over the systematic errors. In this talk we will present a non-perturbative computation of the running of N_f=4 QCD coupling with four flavours of O(a) improved Wilson fermions and Wilson plaquette action. We check that cutoff effects in the step scaling function are weak by taking one more resolution compared to a previous computation. Finally, we shall show an improved result of the Lambda parameter in four flavour QCD in the units of hadronic scale Lmax.