IPB and IBR sign joint R&D agreement


A joint R&D agreement was signed on March 15, 2013 between the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB) and the Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic” (IBR). The two institutions have pledged to cooperate through:

  • Joint work of the staff of both institutions on research, technology development and commercialization;
  • Joint use of relevant facilities and research infrastructures of the two institutions;

  • Organizing of monthly interdisciplinary seminars to be hosted alternately at the two institutes;

  • Development of a common strategy for seeking out, applying for, and efficiently realizing joint interdisciplinary projects.


The joint R&D agreement between IPB and IBR was signed by the heads of the two institutions: Dr Aleksandar Belic (Director, IPB) and Dr Pavle Pavlovic (Director, IBR). After the signing ceremony IBR hosted the first joint seminar. Dr Zoran Petrovic (Member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences) and Dr Nevena Puac, both from IPB, gave talks on the use of non-equilibrium plasmas in a host of new bio-medical applications.